Your 2014/2015 committee is here!!

Posted by The Committee on Monday Aug 11, 2014

The future looks great for the club with a new and fresh committee, with plenty of support from around the club.  Can’t wait for an EPIC 2014-2015 season to begin!!

PRESIDENT – Alex Wilson

The President needs to manage the club and the committee to ensure the future of the club is secure.
If you have any complements or concerns about the club this is the person to speak to.  Alex is always keen to get on the water, and is happiest when sitting in the Drivers seat teaching new people to wakeboard.

CLUB CAPTAIN – Giles Richardson

Provides support to the president in their role and has responsibility for Boat Maintenance management.  What Giles doesn’t know about the club isn’t really worth knowing.  Giles is a Pilot, a yacht owner, and a new dad.  Look out for Reef Richardson, a future club president!

SECRETARY – Claire Hanmer

I dare you to be more keen than Claire.  Seriously.  I don’t think it can be done.  Claire will be in charge of communication between SUSF, the Club and its members.  Once the snow melts we will get this USYDWAKE cheerleader back behind the boat and on top of keeping everyone informed!


Tim will be in charge of organising EPIC wakeboard/board related events, and then telling the whole world about it. As a regular columnist at Wakedition, along with his experience writing for Wake Mag and Red Bull, Tim’s the perfect person to document the club’s great adventures.  More often than not you will find him drinking beer or upside down behind the boat.  Sometimes both.


Keeping a high level of membership in the club is vital, and Suchet will be all over it this year… I repeat, all over it this year!  Suchet is also the resident robotics expert and has a massive stereo for the river…  His friends like to call him Sushi.  You should call him that too.

TREASURER – Steven Wallace

A vital job for our club – the treasurer is responsible for
· Ensuring Ride day monies are correct
· Developing strategies for future boat replacement
· Updating committee on financial status

Steve is also a magician with a dry sense of humour – perfect for making money appear from nowhere and being deadpan about how.

ONLINE OFFICER – Diana Runkle/Suchet Bargoti

The club has a significant online presence, and Diana will keep all channels of communication updated with what’s coming up along with recaps of the fun that was just had.

Diana is often found behind a camera lens or computer desk which makes her perfect for this role. When she is not doing that she is wakeskating or drinking, which makes her perfect for the club.  Sushi will take over this role in January pending he’s figured out how many members we have by that time.


We have a lot of fun in this club, and Cam is here to make sure that we do it safely.  Cam will be in charge of all safety procedures both on and off the water, and never allow or perform ridiculously crazy stunts. When Cam isn’t jet-setting around the world you’ll find him behind spreadsheets or behind the boat on a knee-board.  Some have even described him as ‘the first person to ever make knee-boarding look cool.’


Beautiful Jade has come over from the dark side and no longer requires her set of skis… er, ski.  She will ensure that we have the latest and greatest WAKEBOARDS… and some of the other equipment people sometimes use behind the boat too.  When she’s not busy moonlighting as Lara Croft, Jade can be found on campus as our student representative, woot!