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Posted by The Committee on Sunday May 19, 2013

AGM Weekend Roundup

What an incredible weekend on the river, we have been truly blessed recently with awesome weather, flat water, and an abundance of people still wanting to come out to the river to either learn to wakeboard or grow their skills!

What we didn’t expect was our very own Usydwake Harlem shake…. an impromptu pool party, birthday speeches and Animal suits…
If you want to see more then check out the Facebook page!

Of course there was a serious side to the weekend with the election of the 2013/2014 committee.

THANKS TO: – Thank you to the old committee for all their hard work over the last year. It has been a tough one with tow vehicle issues, new SUSF procedures and an ever changing membership list, but I feel it was a highly successful year for the club.

We wish all the best to our outgoing committee members Matt McCabe, Laura Purcel and Cameron Wright, and outgoing Vice Presidents Mike Clark and Stuart Wing. The VP positions are now vacant for the winter, and we may well see these guys back in the springtime to assist the club.

FUTURE: The future looks great for the club with a new and fresh committee, and plenty of support from around the club. There is a lot of interest in Boat Driver and Captain positions, in addition to trips away to the cable and other lakes.

We will be hosting more ride days in the next few months so get your wetsuits out!!!

PRESIDENT – Alex Wilson

The President needs to manage the club and the committee to ensure the future of the club is secure.
If you have any complements or concerns about the club this is the person to speak to.
I am always keen to get on the water, and am happiest when sitting in the Drivers seat teaching new people to wakeboard.

CLUB CAPTAIN – Giles Richardson

Provides support to the president in their role and has responsibility for Boat Maintenance management.
Giles is a Pilot, and recently bought a small yacht for the harbour. What Giles doesn’t know about the club isn’t really worth knowing.

SECRETARY – Tim Wakeling

Tim will be in charge of communication between SUSF, the Club and its members.
More often than not you will find him upside down behind the
boat, or on campus in the evenings, pretending to study


Keeping a high level of membership in the club is vital, and Suchet will be all over it this year having started in the role half way through 2012/13 season.
Suchet is also the resident robotics expert and has a massive stereo for the river…

TREASURER – Steven Wallace (with assistance from Terry Hou)

A vital job for our club – the treasurer is responsible for
· Ensuring Ride day monies are correct
· Developing strategies for future boat replacement
· Updating committee on financial status

Steve is also a magician with a dry sense of humour – perfect for making money appear from nowhere and being deadpan about how.


The club has a significant online presence, and Diana will be able to develop that over the winter to ensure everyone recieves messages and information about whats going on.

Diana is often found behind a camera lens or computer desk which makes her perfect for this role. When she is not doing that the is wakeboarding or drinking, which makes her perfect for the club.