Oooooohhhh…. What a great weekend!

Posted by The Committee on Monday Mar 25, 2013

O-week camp was back with a BANG in 2013! This is the kind of camp where life long nick names are earned, new friendships begin, many beverages are consumed…. And a whole heap of awesome riding goes down.

2013 was no exception, with many newbies joining us for their first usydwake experience – and for some, their first time wakeboarding! Special mentions go to Carmelina, Jess, Angus and Z for making their instructors look good and getting up and riding like seasoned pro’s. Well done guys! There is no better feeling.

Mother Nature played her part in ensuring everyone had a blast, pouring out her sunshine over the B.E.A.-utiful Hawkesbury for us all weekend. Those of us who survived the evening shenanigans and were on the water for first rides were treated to some truly exceptional glassy water, riding through the mist as it rose from the water. Making for some very special photos. Sarah Le Breton and Luke Currey took advantage of the mirror-like conditions donning the ski and getting their carve on.

With a wide range of abilities across the group, we saw a variety of tricks over the weekend. From first time wakeboard jumps from Sarah Massie, to 360’s and even some very very close tantrum attempts from Steve, Emily and Jessie. This is what our sport is all about – pushing your own boundaries and having a blast! Not to mention Gavin, who went huge all weekend, hitting some well driven double-ups right in front of our spot on the bank, showing off an array on incredible tricks – always a pleasure to watch.

Between sets over the weekend, some of our crew chose to soak up some rays while watching the action from the shore. While some of the more adventurous, went bushwalking and discovered a rope swing into the river. Be sure to check out Steve’s video.

After an epic day on the water, a BBQ dinner under the cabana washed down with a choice beverage was the perfect note to end on. But it didn’t really end there… kicking on long into the night with tunes, card games and our new friends.

With some feeling dustier than others on Sunday morning, we did it all again amassing an unprecedented 50 ride sets over the course of the weekend.

A big thank you goes to Giles, Suchet, Tim, Clarkie, James and Alex – for all their work over the course of the weekend and behind the scenes, to make this weekend a great success. Also, a big thank you to you, the attendees for making it the weekend that was. Looking forward to seeing you all back out on the water soon.

Speaking of which…

Coming up for UsydWake

Another Camp is planned for the weekend of April 5th-7th. Details will be sent out via our mailing list and facebook shortly. Watch this space.

Tim Wakeling,