Ride Day November 18, 2012

Posted by The Committee on Thursday Nov 22, 2012

It was a fantastic Sunday session on the water over the weekend. The sun was out and some epic riding and skiing went down too. Over the course of the day, our boat Captain Cameron kept everyone entertained riding everything from a trick ski, to a knee board, to a normal ski and even a plank of wood – yep, you heard right, a fence paling with a light sand!

‘Club Tropicana’ a.k.a. the front of the boat, was in full swing, with Kay soaking up some rays and working on her tan while Alex got upside down and shredded the flat Hawkesbury water as per usual. We were also graced with the presence of reformed skier, Lisa ‘kiwi’ Bevan, who showed us her wakeboarding skills and even had a go at a few jumps! Diana has also been giving wake to wake jumps a good nudge in recent weeks and it won’t be long before she gets there! Looking good D, keep up the good work, commit to it and you’ll be clearing that second wake in no time!

Those who ventured out on Sunday were also witness to, and recipients of, some of the most “accommodating” boat driving you will ever experience as a wakeboarder. Yours truly, taking the helm for a good part of the day. I also have to lay claim to the quote of the day, “If you let go of the handle you will fall off…. It’s science.” A lesson we can all relate to no matter what our level of ability or choice of discipline.

We were also joined over the weekend by Kate Dawson, Adele and Donna Clarke who had all had great sets respectively. One of the highlights of the day had to be a doubles set shared between Cameron and I – Cameron riding his plank, myself on a wakeskate (see pictures). Our maneuvers included swapping handles mid-ride, posing for photos together, Cam attempting to climb aboard myself for a ‘piggy-back’ (which in practice had more of a ‘jump and tackle’ effect), Cam posing one-legged ballerina-style and a gladiator style ‘lets see who can push each off first’ encounter which Cam both started and lost.

It was an awesome day. Thank you to everyone who came out and shared it with us. Special thanks go to Cameron for organising the day and to Alex for coming out to assist.

I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Until next time.

Tim Wakeling,


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