Usydwake – Harbour Ride Day

Posted by The Committee on Thursday Mar 15, 2012

After having to cancel o-week camp due to the flooding of the Hawkesbury and unsafe conditions, it’s fair to say most of us were absolutely gutted. Alas, all was not lost! On Saturday morning Chris Mann, Maddie Migdoll and I headed out to the cable park in Penrith and were greeted with blue skies and sunshine. A solid morning of riding from all saw Maddie up and riding on the wakeboard and Chris and I working towards 360’s off kickers.

After a nervous Saturday night watching the weather reports and even packing my rain jacket, just in case, we launched the boat at middle harbour on Sunday morning. Sydney harbour did not disappoint, giving us more sunshine, a perfect welcome to all our new members.

Keen to get back out behind the boat after a 3 month stint snowboarding in Canada, I had the first set. I was buzzing and pretty keen to try about a thousand new tricks I’d been practicing at cable…. About a minute into my ride I attempted a surface 360 and then promptly face-planted to the amusement of the entire boat. Mid-set we picked up Greg and Chris from the spit. The rest of my set was pretty fun, a few nice wake to wake jumps, indy and tail grabs, my first 180 behind the boat and ending with a big 360 attempt and subsequent crash.

Next up Chris Mann, got the board on and threw spectacular a front flip attempt first jump! A+ for effort Chris. We are expecting big things from this kid, and he’s only 17!!! Watch this space. I’d also like to nominate Chris for the stack of the day (not being able to nominate myself). During his second set, Chris caught an edge while attempting a surface spin and was tossed like a rag doll into a full 360 degree flip into the water, I’m guessing it didn’t tickle. Fair play for riding hard Chris, I like your style.

Alex stepped up next. For the new members who don’t know Alex our club President, let’s just say he’s ridden before. I don’t think anyone on the boat blinked for Alex’s entire set. The energy that goes into this guy’s riding is sure to get any weekend started and get everyone fired up for their own rides. In his set Alex treated us to 180 grabs, 360’s, back rolls and a selection of other inverts that just make you go wow! Not going to lie, I’m looking forward to seeing some of the footage captured on Greg’s chest mounted go-pro camera worn by Alex during his set.

It was so good to see so many new members out riding with us this weekend. We were all particularly impressed with Barry, who had no trouble popping out of the water on his first ride behind the boat! Good stuff Barry. Chris Wykes was also returning to wakeboarding for the first time in a couple of years and impressed us with some cool jumps. Isabelle, who tells us she had been doing wakeboard specific gym sessions in preparation for the weekend, showed us all her newly acquired muscles and her skills behind the boat, getting up well and riding both outside and across the wake.

For lunch we stopped in at the Spit bridge marina. While some of the less prepared resorted to takeaways, “Mr Picnic” (Barry), produced a seemingly endless backpack full of food to share. From hot chips, chips, donuts, biscuits – he had it all. After lunch we were joined by the lovely Sam from UNSW wakeboard club who showed us what she was made of, throwing some awesome wake to wake jumps and a few good stacks too. In addition to giving us a chance to recuperate from our morning sets, Sam also set the new world record for the most number of hand bags (throwing the handle upon landing) in a single set. Maybe it’s a UNSW thing?

And what an epic afternoon! The tunes were cranking courtesy of DJ Alex, the sun was shining and everyone was pumped for their second sets – probably none more so than Greg, our American visitor. Everyone certainly enjoyed Greg’s set which was performed to the sounds of Avicci’s ‘Levels’ played in reverse, Greg kicked things off with a few tidy 180’s, and was just loving life in general. Then things got silly and very funny as Greg pulled out an enthusiastic, but ill-fated attempted front flip. Fair play Greg! We are all looking forward to your video compilation and pics.

The afternoon was capped off with a short wakeskate set on the way back to the boat ramp climaxing in a massive Raley from Alex that, inspired by the song of the day “loca people” left the same question on everyone’s mind… WTF?!

Many thanks go to both, Alex for re-organising such a successful ride day on short notice despite being diseased, and to Giles for driving the boat. Also thanks go to you, the ride day attendee’s, for your enthusiasm out on the water and willingness to help out with washing the boat so we could all get home for Sunday dinner and a hard earned beverage sharpish. Many hands make light work, and Usyd Wake and fantastic days like yesterday are only possible if we all involve ourselves in the club and offer a hand where we can. Well done everyone!

Hope you are all as sore, sunburnt and as exhausted as I am, but excited to get back out on the water again ASAP! Looking forward to see you all soon! If you missed this ride day, keep an eye out for updates on the website and your emails for details of upcoming ride days soon.

Yours in Wakeboarding and related shenanigans,
Tim Wakeling, “that guy.”

Sunday Ride Day

Posted by The Committee on Saturday Mar 10, 2012

Ride day this Sunday with Boat Captain:Giles

Email has been sent out with those on the boat, email or call Giles for information