Wakelife Event – Next Weekend

Posted by The Committee on Tuesday Sep 28, 2010

Cable Day #1

Posted by The Committee on Tuesday Sep 21, 2010

Cable Day – 19th September

On Sunday 5 new Usydwake members headed west to get on the water before the boat season kicked off. Only one of the group had been on the cable before, but everyone in the car was excited to be giving it a go.

Here goes a short summary of the highlights…

Philippe was pretty hungover and said all he was going to do all day was wakeskate….which he did, before strapping on a wakeboard towards the end and trying to hit a kicker. Realising this was not for him he got back on the wakeskate and started landing jumps off the kicker on that instead. This made him so excited that after a replenishing hit of chips and a coffee he went to sleep in a chair.

Carly got on the water straight away, and looked like a seasoned pro carving up the water before trying jump starts and even successfully hitting the kicker. She was so pumped by the whole day she snapped up a board and bindings combo at an incredible price from the on site shop when we had finished.

Brian wasn’t so lucky with getting on the water straight away, and had to wait a bit for a rental board to come free for him. Bored of the wait, he took a look in the shop and came away with a HALF PRICE full set up from Liquid Force. Naturally with this adrenalinhe ran on the water to try out his new toy, before realising that a wetsuit might be a good idea as well. Once on the water he found that as a regular footer, you need to be careful round the tight corners as it can give you a good wake up call.

Adam comes from Newfoundland, a place with zero cable wake parks and about the same number of wakeboard boats, so it was always going to be fun to get him up and riding through the day! We managed to get him up and around the cable on dual skis and he was looking so good that a gorgeous German girl on the side thought he was a professional and struck up a conversation. Adam is going to hold off on getting a board, but has vowed to go back to the cable as often as he can if thats what happens!

An epic day, so get involved with the next one in 2 weeks time!!! Check the Calendar and send us an email!

Day in Stats:

5 Hardcore Wakeboarders

100km Travelled in Car

20km travelled on Cable (Combined Total)

62.5 Hits of the Kicker

10 sore arms on Monday morning

8 million callories from Maccas on way out and KFC at the end

2 new boards (Congrats Brian and Carly)

1 new phone number (Congrats Adam)

Summer Is Coming…

Posted by The Committee on Sunday Sep 12, 2010


Breathe it in… it is the smell of summer and the anticipation of a great season on the water.

The boat will be de-winterized very, very soon and we will be taking it out for some weekend sessions so keep your eyes and ears open.

If anyone wants to go to the cable next weekend (18th/19th September) to get some pre season water time under their feet then drop Al a line at 0425 659 627.

What better way to get your sea legs back and those forearm muscles toned than a few sets on the nice warm shallow lake waters out at Penrith!